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"Да, на эти штуки мастер этот самый Джон Ланкастер"

Статья Ронена Бергмана про известную историю Иегуды Гиля: https://read.atavist.com/operation-red-falcon

Гиль, заслуженный оперативник Моссада, прирожденный вербовщик, с 70-ых годов вел высокопоставленного сирийского генерала, впоследствии оказалось, что Гиль сам придумывал за него информацию, и это чуть не привело к войне с Сирией в 1996, а возможно и в 1981. Сама история, как уже сказано, известна и описана в книгах и статьях, но отметил психологический момент:

"With each new benefit, too, the general was less likely to question or end the arrangement. Aside from his daughter’s apartment and tuition, and the regular “bonuses” he was now receiving from “European intelligence employers,” Red Falcon was treated to seductive tastes of Western privilege. After he revealed to Gil that he dreamed of traveling around Europe, Gil took him on a grand European tour, covertly accompanied by a team of security and logistics personnel.

I spoke with a Mossad operative who acted as one of the unseen escorts on this trip. “I was young and not yet really sure of myself,” he told me. “When the trip was over, I learned that Gil had complained that Red Falcon had pointed me out and said, ‘That man looks like an Israeli commando.’ My boss said he wasn’t firing me only because Gil requested leniency on my behalf. Looking back, I realize how unlikely that story was. I come from a European background and don’t look at all like an Israeli. In the investigation following his arrest, it came to light that Gil used this tactic with lots of young guys, in order to make them indebted to him, as if it was thanks to him we weren’t kicked out of the Mossad.”"

Разведка разведкой, а вот такие разводки и в гражданской жизни распространены. Манипулятор хренов.

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